11-26-2011 Gash Point

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I skied another excellent day at Gash Point with Ben. With another foot and a half of snow on the upper slopes of the mountain, the coverage was excellent for November and considerably better than Wednesday. We toured to the main point above the south bowl and took two laps on the northeast bowl and one final run down the southeast bowl after pushing the final uphill as hard as possible. We are both into the new TLT5 boots and have been finding them an exquisite boot both in uphill and downhill mode. The sun raked us for the first part of the day before giving way to a closed cloud deck. I dug one hasty pit at 7800 feet and found fairly good bonding between the old and new snow and a total depth of over four feet. We therefore skied the slightly steeper test slopes on the northeast bowl and found good stability. No collapses of any sort were noticed while skinning or skiing and it seemed that the stability has considerably improved with the bridging over the on the ground facets. While I would still be suspect of steeper slopes above 35 degrees as much for the thin coverage as the possibilty of starting a high consequence avalanche, I feel that stability on slopes below 35 degrees is probably MODERATE. While not an official  avy forecaster, I hope to relay the general impressions and experiences that my partners and I experience in the mountains that are outside the scope of the official Missoula Avy forecast team who have yet to disseminate much information this season. Happy touring!

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