2-18-2011 Downing Mountain

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Colin and I skied another day at Downing as the snow quality and exploration has been good this time of year due to a deep snowpack and low wind affect. We skied a direct line from the top of the Crown down into Bear Bowl, via the Keyhole line,  as there was no wind affect on this commonly winded aspect. We were also able to find a new route out and up to the Larch Glades Ridge and then ski a couple of new lines down into the bottom of Bear Bowl. The view of Bear Bowl from the skin trail illuminated some details of the Wolf Glades that I had not been able to see before and the ski off the ridge incorporated some advanced cliff band route finding and gully routes. Overall another great day adding up to 7000′ vertical. The snow was well settled and bonded to itself with slow speed sluffing all to worry about on steeper terrain.

2-16-2011 Downing Mountain

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I was out for a quick tour to 8000 feet and a couple runs. There was 3 inches heavy snow at the lodge and about 7 inches above 7000′ Significantly less than recorded just north of here. The only thing good about the half foot of snow was easier trailbreaking and less dangerous avalanche hazard. The skiing was great the temps were near freezing and settling fast. Another great day at Downing with guests out skiing near the Crown and in the glades.

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