1-19-2011 Downing Mountain

January 20, 2011 at 21:48 | Posted in Skiing at Downing Mountain Lodge | Leave a comment

Up to Downing Mountain again with ski runs on the Wave, Nina’s, the Crown and, Bear’s Breath Bowl. The skiing was variable with dust on crust in places and some deeper snow on a softer base mostly only encountered at the Wave and the Crown. A big full path two foot crown avalanche had ripped out on the western flanks of Bear’s Bowl. With few small trees in the path it did not cause much noticeable destruction but it ran fully across the flats for about a hundred yards. We skied the edge of the debris and encountered much wind scoured snow as well as some bomber crust amidst some deeper more manageable snow. We stayed close to the Crown where the skiing was best and the sun was shining. It looked as though the major wet snow event had deposited about 2-3 feet of extremely dense snow which at this point if it has not slid has made a solid base on top of the previous snowpack, with depths up to 5-7 feet in the higher terrain of the Bitterroots and regionally. What good news, and with another storm on its way for tomorrow night we will be back in the good skiing by Saturday likely. Thanks and credits to Colin Chisholm for today’s photos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bCUZh6NAyY

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