Is there day skiing at Downing Mountain Lodge?

December 18, 2010 at 23:10 | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

The Downing Mountain Lodge has opened for the season to overnight guests. With a foot of settled snow at the lodge and four feet of powder above 7000′, the conditions are good for backcountry skiing. Anyone staying as an overnight guest at the lodge has a privately owned and maintained roadway enabling easy access to the forest service boundary and the Downing Mountain ridgeline. There is not a public easement on the Grubstake roadway or a forest service trailhead. As there would be obvious conflicts with day skiers using the mountain, the roadway, lodge, and access to public lands via the Grubstake road is exclusively for guests of the Downing Mountain Lodge. Day skiers looking to ski on Downing Mountain may access the mountain via Canyon Creek and Sawtooth Canyon Trailheads. If you want to ski the terrain above the lodge, Book! the lodge for yourself and your friends at for $50 per person per night. We still have numerous openings midweek and with the La Nina year continuing to deliver snow, all indications are for a great winter of snow sliding.

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  1. “If you want to ski the terrain above the lodge, Book! the lodge for yourself and your friends at for $50 per person per night.”

    Or just access it from Canyon Creek (5,000′), pay nothing, and sleep in your own bed.

    • Exactly..Anon, there are two other access points to Downing Mountain- Canyon Creek and Sawtooth Canyon. The lodge trailhead accesses the main portion of the front country including terrain to little and Downing Mountain, while Canyon Creek is a good access point for skiing Canyon Peak and the lakes basin. Sawtooth Canyon is a good egress route from skiing any of the southside runs off the Downing Ridgeline. The approach to Barley Lake from the Canyon Trailhead is a thicket at best, the steep talus slope by the Wilderness boundary allows access to Downing Mountain. Guests at the lodge enjoy the ease of access to the mountain, a warm, unique, private place to sleep, and their camaraderie…and a hot tub! With 30 canyons to explore in the Bitterroot there is so much terrain out there and great access points for the local skier.

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