12-6-2010 Camas Peak

December 6, 2010 at 22:28 | Posted in Backcountry skiing the Bitterroots | 2 Comments

Enjoyed another great ski day with Colin in the Bitterroots, with light dried out powder topped with a healthy dose of surface hoar. While not a good bonding surface for the next storm’s snow, surface hoar is a fabulously pretty and tinkly sounding substance to ski through. We skied two runs in the east bowl off the summit and a north side run as well. The coverage was marginal and we hit a few rocks today, looking forward to another good storm hopefully soon to cover up the rocks. The weather service mentions a warm wet storm with some potential on wednesday. What an amazing early season we have had with great skiing in the Bitterroots. Last year we reminisced we were still waiting for snow after suffering the brutal deep freeze in October. With the slow slide through fall into late fall and early winter we have had a weather season to remember.

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  1. Looks like you found much better snow than we did yesterday in camas creek. Nice job!

    • Brian, thanks for breaking some trail, it was fun to follow and wonder where you had gone. We found adequate coverage in places and good surface snow on all but south tilted slopes. Surely hope it snows again as we need it to keep shaping up the snowpack.

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