Shag Peak 11-22-10

November 23, 2010 at 15:00 | Posted in Backcountry skiing the Bitterroots | 3 Comments

Colin and I made it into the Bitterroots yesterday and found gold, white gold. There was 8-10 inches snow at the trailhead and we hiked in for thirty minutes, donned skis, and shagged it uphill to just above 8000′.  The snowpack was four feet deep in favored loading areas and had some new snow instability at about four inches deep on no noticeable layer. No whumpfing and SEEMINGLY decent stability found us cautiously skiing deeper powder than I remember from last season. Our third run we dropped in off the false summit onto the northeast bowl and billowed into some faceshots and thigh deep fresh. We were amazed and excited and made one more lap before skiing all the way back down to the bench and hiking out the last thirty minutes.

We found the old beast with a dead battery and unable to roll start it backwards! we had to call in a friend who showed up an hour later to our rescue. To have friends like that is amazing and I was so appreciative of the people in my life as we regaled each other in Victor under the full blizzard that developed yesterday. Go winter. At between 10-15 and breezy it was a cold day out. The windloading was only happening off the ridgeline and the snow came in steadily and moderately all day. Today is certainly another great ski day; I have been moving snow at home and will be plowing out a couple friends this afternoon, maybe another ski day tomorrow.

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  1. Good to see you’re back out there…without giving up anything proprietary, Shag Peak?

    • Hey John, it is great to be back out there. With the skiing this good this early I am sure hopeful to be getting into the Bitterroots more often on a deeper, safer snowpack than last year. Shag Peak…rearrange the letters to reveal the true identity.

      • got it….well done. almost went up sheafman today but got held back here. still lots of time, right?

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