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11-26-10 Gash Point

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I headed out today for a short trip into the mountains west of Victor and found that there has been some wind transport and slab development since the bulk of the storm passed. Fat skis helped but the quality has deteriorated significantly over the week. No matter it was still manageable skiing and another day out skiing in the mountains is a welcome event this time of year. The wind appeared to have blown and transported snow from the north, making me think about protected east to south east slopes I know of in the range. I dug around in a few places and noted areas scoured clean of snow and others where a significant pillow had developed. Where the skiing was best, the snow above 8000′ was three feet deep. Well settled and dense there was not much risk of hitting subsurface objects. Below 7500′ the snow was closer to two feet deep and hitting rocks and stumps was an obvious hazard especially along the ridges where the wind had transported the snow away. I made it through the gauntlet and walked out the final 500′ vertical. I am especially aware of hitting things as two days ago I whacked my butt really hard sledding at home and am sporting a fist sized bruise. It hurt so bad I thought I might not be able to ski today. I loosened up yesterday on kick and glide skis going for a nice tour up Blodgett Canyon. There was enough snow in the canyon to allow for approaches and I am so eager to tour the Bitterroots this winter.

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