January 18, 2010 Camas Peak

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Don, Tim and I headed up to Camas Peak on monday to try to sneak a few good turns into this great tour. Lucky we were to arrive at the summit with blue skies and just a light breeze. The pit we dug showed numerous weaknesses as described by the forecasters. The problematic ones in the 135cm deep snowpack at 8500′ were at about 115cm and at 75 cm where there were clean shears around CT12-13. There was friction however and we rated the quality at two. With the yellow, caution light this presented we skied the north face as tenderly as we could, careful to avoid the rollovers and shallow spots when we could. The slope stayed together and we reascended the peak to ski the powdery north face another time. The snow was shallow and fast powder and very FUN! We continued down the north face and skied through the narrow gully at the cliff band that allowed passage through to the second Camas Lake. From there we turned right and toured out the drainage and back to the trailhead where the truck was waiting a switchback below. At under seven hours, we made good time in the fast conditions.

Ascending the northeast ridge Camas Peak

The final hundred

Enjoying the Summit

Dropping in the north face

Another one bowls...

Not even Halfway

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